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Choosing an Accounting system

AdaptAccounts for SQL Server 2012 from Adapta Software provides field-proven, source code database accounting software applications for Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Why is database accounting important?

Database accounting is important because it can help you transform your data into a strategic corporate resource. If it isn't in a robust database with good client access tools you can't leverage that resource. If your competitors can leverage their information and you can't ... well you know the rest.

A well designed database accounting system integrates all the various transactions not only in the General Accounting area but also in your Inventory, Sales and Purchasing areas. If you're in manufacturing this would extend to manufacturing support with applications like N-level Bill of Materials. If you have a lot of third-party costs you'd also want Job Costing.

All of these transactions involve the main entities in your business - your Customers, your Suppliers, your Products and Services.

When your data is stored in a well-designed database then you can go beyond the built-in capabilities of the application programs and use other decision support tools to analyze your data and exploit the relationships between the transactions and your Customers, Suppliers and Products.

Having your data in a well-designed database gives you true ownership of your data. If you can't access your data except through the application programs then you don't truly own your data - your application programs supplier does.

Of course there are various database servers on the market. You want to protect your applications software investment and ensure your database technology choice will serve you as well in the future as it does in the present. Over the years other database server offerings have come and gone. Microsoft SQL Server has continued to go forward. That's why the AdaptAccounts accounting database engine is built on Microsoft SQL Server - the world's leading database server. These applications run on superior database technology now - and in the future.

Why is source code important?

    Having your data in a true database management system like Microsoft SQL Server is the first step.

    This gives you full control on the output side - analyzing your data in different ways. But it doesn't affect the input side and enable changing the structure of your database in any significant way.

    Having the source code means that you or your in-house staff or third-party consultants can extend your database and programs to support additional information and business rules that are important for your business. Your requirements also change over time. Even if some other fixed system appears good enough for now, how would you cope when new demands occur?

    Instead of having to develop custom applications to meet your needs, you can leverage the common elements and application structure that already exists in your adaptable, source code applications so you can get a customized result with a fraction of the cost and effort that would otherwise be required.

Why choose AdaptAccounts?

In order for your applications software to be fully adaptable you need the applications source code. Over the years various software development companies have tried to develop and promote lesser approaches but the only true way to get complete adaptability and ensure future control of your applications software investment is when you have the applications source code.

But just having the applications source code doesn't mean that you can successfully get the results you want economically.

If the applications software was developed using older technologies then it takes too much professional time to make the changes.

That's why AdaptAccounts for SQL Server 2012 accounting database engine is built on the industry-leading database server - Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - and emphasizes server-side programming using database stored procedures, triggers and functions. This provides improved performance and simplifies the client-side programming. The standard client-side programming is implemented in Delphi 7. Other developers have implemented ASP.NET MVC and other client solutions for their vertical applications.

Using this powerful software development technology enables AdaptAccounts for SQL Server to be adapted quickly and economically.

If the applications software was designed without a proper regard for ease of adaptation by other then the original developers then it will also be excessively costly to adapt. It's faster and cheaper for the original developer to develop applications that are mainly intended for maintenance by in-house staff than it is to design and implement applications to be changed efficiently by others. But when others go to change those applications then they pay the cost.

Adapta Software Inc. has been shipping adaptable applications software since 1987. We understand what's involved in building adaptable database accounting applications - and our users have proven it.

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