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AdaptAccounts accounting software encompasses a series of adaptable, integrated database application modules with complete source code available. AdaptAccounts adaptable accounting software versions previously supported various other databases such as Oracle and InterBase/Firebird. However, with the continuing advances in Microsoft SQL Server both technically and in market demand, focus going forward for these accounting software versions is Microsoft SQL Server. Current versions of these comprehensive accounting software solutions support Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Server-side programming of these accounting software modules for SQL Server versions take extensive advantage of SQL Server programming capabilities using triggers, stored procedures and functions. This provides accounting software solutions with both improved performance plus cost-effective adaptability and maintainability.

Client-side programming of these accounting software modules is implemented in Delphi 7 - a leader in high-performance database RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools for Win32. Using this powerful software development technology enables AdaptAccounts to be adapted quickly and economically.

AdaptAccounts modular accounting software applications include System Manager, General Ledger & Financial Reporter, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Currency Manager, Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Project/Job Costing, Bill of Materials and U.S. Payroll. These accounting software applications fully integrate with each other and provide full configuration flexibility. These accounting software modules can be easily integrated with other locally developed applications and provide extensive facilities to support entity and transaction importing.

Application features of these accounting software solutions include multi-Company, multi-Currency, multi-Subledger, multi-Bank, multi-segment Chart of Accounts, multi-Warehouse and multiple open years and periods with full audit trail.

AdaptAccounts is the only product to have ever won the Paradox Informant Reader's Choice award for Best Accounting Software. AdaptAccounts is also a multiple year award winner in the Delphi Informant Reader's Choice competition for Best Accounting Package.

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